We're all about you...And making sure there aren't smarter choices out there.

After the sale, the typical insurance and benefits rep visits about as often as Santa. Or less, depending on your renewal dates. We’re different right from the start – and in a number of ways. With us:

Our goal is to help you obtain the best product and price to suit your needs and goals. By representing more than 50 carriers, we maximize your plan’s quality and value.

Your needs, your goals, and your budget are carefully evaluated as we apply our experience and expertise to drafting your strategic plan. Once approved, we take that plan to 10 to 20 top-rated carriers, keeping in mind those actively seeking business in your specific industry.

You get to review every carrier’s proposal, along with our objective evaluations of each one’s relative strengths, weaknesses, and ultimate ability to meet your strategic goals.

You pay nothing for these services. We are compensated through commissions once you have made your selection.

You aren’t abandoned after the sale. We keep in touch. We continually monitor your plan for effectiveness and cost-efficiency. If you’re not satisfied, we’re not satisfied. And we’ll do the fighting for you.

It pays to work with specialists...in a number of ways.

Most importantly, we make sure your contract’s language is clear and its coverage is strong. We then make sure you understand every nuance of the coverages you are evaluating and buying.

Sometimes one company offers a preferred rate on one type of insurance while another comes in with a preferred rate on a different type of insurance.

We also know which carriers are pursuing which industries. Over time, carriers change their focus. One year they’re aggressively pursuing firms in your industry and, two years later, they’re moving in an entirely new direction. Knowing who wants what can make a big difference in your rates.

Sometimes your rates should be decreasing – not just holding steady. If five people retired since your policy was enacted two years ago – and each was replaced by a 25-year-old – your risk has dropped. We’ll make sure your rates reflect that.

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